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Contact Person

Gabriel Uchalla

Chief Executive Officer

1/9 Croydon Avenue, Deer Park, Victoria 3023

Phone: 03 8385 8137 or 0423 450 170

Emails: |

Apayi Charitable Organization has partnered with LUOLGFA

Liberty Unity Organization Life Global Foundation Australia (LUOLGFA) is a not-for-profit charity organization. Our aim is to  enhance community wellbeing through advancing education, social and public welfare. We promote  health awareness, advance Public Benevolent Institution (PBI)  improve their services. We strive to alleviate  poverty and distress in the  community of Luo people in Wau and Awiel in the Republic of South Sudan.  As our volunteers and funding grows, we will extend our services to the  entire South Sudan through water sanitation and hygiene, food security and general protection activities by promoting effective peace building and sustainability initiatives. The organization also aims to improve the lives of vulnerable community members through adult literacy projects in the Luo communities of Bahr El Ghazal and across the border with other states and Northern Sudan. Through you, our donors, volunteers and well wishers, we are able to help many.



We strive to promote unity, self reliance, proper education and health awareness for the Luo people of the Republic of South Sudan. We  stand for peaceful coexistence, respect for one another and our boundaries. We say no to hunger, vulnerability, poverty and division, Together, Luo strong and united for generations to come. 


Our Mission

  • Improve  lives  of Luo community members of the Republic of South Sudan all over the world.

  • Promote unity and self reliance through education and farming for the Luo people of South Sudan

  • Alleviate poverty and distress  in the community of  Luo in South Sudan.  

  • Fight hunger through agriculture, help facilitate  education and health awareness for the Luo people. 

  • The Foundation will also support all other tribes  that collectively make up the Republic of South Sudan by educating more locals on better farming methods, provide seeds and tools to ensure food security.  

  • Promote adult  education and assist with orphanage sponsorships

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